Puketutu Island Rehabilitation

Puketutu Island Rehabilitation

Puketutu Island lies off the cost of Māngere.  Thousands of tonnes of scoria and basalt rock were removed for construction projects, including the expansion of nearby Auckland Airport. The island is currently undergoing a major transformation, using biosolids from the nearby Mangere wastewater treatment plant to fill the holes the quarrying left behind and gift the island to the people of Auckland as reserve for everyone to enjoy.

Our team were involved in the property acquisitions, preliminary design, consultation, consenting of the project and first phase of contracting of works on the island on behalf of Watercare. A unique property agreement was arranged whereby Watercare purchased a long-term lease for the island and then transferred its ownership to a trust with 12 iwi trustees.

Watercare have been rehabilitating the island since 2011 by filling the former quarry with biosolids from the Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant.  At the end of the project – not until 2049 – four small hills will be created to replicate the scoria cones that were quarried in the 1950s.

Client: Watercare

Completed: Our role – June 2010.  Construction – 2049