Bahrain Water Transmission

  • "Elevated Storage Tower" "West Riffa" "Water Tower"

Water Transmission Project – Bahrain

This project involved a major upgrade to the potable water storage and distribution network in Bahrain that comprised the installation of 130km of new and replacement pipeline/pipework ranging in size from DN400 to DN2000. In addition, the project required the construction of 15 pumping stations (10 new / 5 upgrades), 29 ground storage tanks and 13 elevated storage reservoirs. We acted as project package manager for the following:

  • Design of ground storage reservoirs ranging in size from 2 MIG to 20 MIG and incorporating these into existing water distribution stations. This included undertaking hydraulic studies to optimise the turnover and mixing of water within the storage network, geotechnical studies and tank foundation design, large diameter piping design.
  • Design of several elevated storage reservoirs (1 – 1.5 MIG capacity) incorporating some into existing water distribution stations and establishing new sites for others. This incorporated the permitting and complete design of new sites with buildings, all interconnecting pipelines, power supply, SCADA, telemetry, water quality monitoring and chlorine dosing systems.
  • Project package manager for the design of several large (up to 270M M3/day) potable water transmission pumping stations and large diameter pipeline “tie-in” arrangements including hydraulic modelling and analysis of the pumping systems and incorporating surge mitigation measures such as surge vessels, surge towers and control valves.

Client: Bahrain Electricity and Water Authority

Completed: 2010 – 2013