Shatt Al Arab Siphon

Shatt Al Arab Siphon

The project comprises upstream and downstream siphon structures and the installation of seven 48” (1200mm) diameter carbon steel pipelines under the Shatt Al Arab River bed by Horizontal Directional Drilling method. The pipelines are 1,275 m long, 10m apart and installed at a depth 15m. The irrigation siphon has a capacity of 20 m3/sec.

Our role included:

  • Project management for the detailed design and providing construction support to the contractor (NSCC International)
  • Principal mechanical engineer assigned to undertake the design of the penstock gates, lifting equipment and pipeline details.
  • Assisting the contractor with procurement of mechanical equipment by undertaking equipment reviews and factory acceptance inspections.

Client: General Commission for Irrigation & Reclamation Projects – Ministry of Water Resources, Iraq and NSCC International

Completed: 2013